Emotionally Intelligent leadership is an important determinant of success in business: higher productivity, better customer satisfaction, retention of employees, lower rates of accidents, absenteeism and grievances and improved team functioning.

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Does dealing with workplace conflict, violence, bullying and harassment consume too much of your time?

Would you like your Employee Assistance Program to help your organization become a better place to work?

Consultation. Training. Counselling. We Can Help Quickly.

As Human Resources Personnel you probably deal with:

We are workplace behavioural experts who provide workplace based services in addition to EAP. We respond rapidly to assist you deal with employee behavioural issues. Our expertise and experience can help your organization when a crisis or “drama” needs to be addressed immediately.

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Ontario Bill 168. Is Your Workplace Ready?

Bill 168 is the Government of Ontario’s amendment to the Health and Safety Act. It will place new obligations on employers to address workplace violence and harassment.

Employers will need to:

To learn more about Bill 168 click here.

Could this happen in your workplace?

Sexually explicit emails are making the rounds. People are being called derogatory names. Some of the female employees are even being sexually harassed and verbally abused. The atmosphere is toxic. This is occurring despite all efforts from the Human Resources Department.

At Source Line we are workplace behavioural experts. We can help your company become a better place to work and be more successful.

At the workplace mentioned above, Source Line’s on-site counsellor helped organize and promote “respect in the workplace” by working with human resources, health and safety and union executives. Our counsellor helped all stakeholders determine what type of culture change employees wanted and then helped them implement that change.

The Source Line counsellor’s credibility as a neutral facilitator was central to helping both sides work together. Our intervention saved the organization money in labour costs and resulted in fewer grievances around harassment issues.

How Source Line can help your workplace.

Our range of services include:

Integration is Key.

Integration for us at Source Line means that we consult with you on workplace policies and procedures, on topics such as absenteeism, alcohol or other drug use, violence and work life balance. A Workplace Wellness Committee is often essential to this process. This service often becomes a problem solving tool for union representatives, managers and supervisors around employee-related issues.

Integrating Source Line into all aspects of the organization can make a big difference.

“The biggest benefit of a more personal and involved program is that the counsellors can have a better understanding of the business, what is happening, both the good and the bad, so that the assistance they provide is both relevant and effective. Another benefit is management support, which is sometimes overlooked by other EAP providers. Managers often struggle with dealing with employees with mental health / personal issues. Source Line provides education for our management on these issues, plus personal support whenever needed” Nancy Leathong, Reg.N.,C.O.H.N.(C) Manager, Health Services, Apotex Inc.

Read about how some of our clients have benefited from Source Line expertise

Here is what a Vice President; Human Resources had to say about the benefits of Source Line

A program that really improves the quality of work life by being integrated into all aspects of the organization can make a huge difference. Companies that reduce Mental Health programs to save money often waste more than they save in other related costs such as absenteeism, grievances, short-term disability "STD" and long-term disability "LTD" costs, lost employee creativity and general organizational malaise. Ignoring preventative initiatives always ends up costing more!

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