Investment in prevention and positive proactive mental health services for employees yields the largest ROI for organizations.

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How to Choose an EAP Provider

Full Service Mental Health EAP Program Model With On-Site

This model includes all of the features of the Full Service Model package.

The difference? A counsellor is on-site. He or she is scheduled and available to see employees in a designated office. The counsellor is also available to management and employees for formal and informal meetings and consultations. Employees have the choice of either being seen at the on-site office location or at any of the off-site offices.

Did you know? At least 40% of employees
choose to use the services at the on-site locations.

By having a counsellor on-site, the counselling process is demystified. The counsellor becomes known and trusted by the organization and employees, which yields other prevention interventions.



On-site service benefits your organization in so many ways: