"Wellness" begins with the understanding that work connects us to others, gives meaning to our lives and helps us sustain our families and communities.

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Personal Counselling

Are You Having Problems in your Personal Life?

Help is Here

At Source Line we understand that everyone goes through difficult times where we don’t feel quite like ourselves. Losing a parent, ending a relationship, or adjusting to new life situations can all bring on feelings worth sorting out.

"I never liked the idea of going to tell someone personal things about myself. I thought it meant I was weak or worse, crazy. I also didn't trust what they would think about me. Now I understand that it's helpful for me to talk to someone who won't judge me and who can help me learn some things about myself and other people. Since meeting with my Source Line counsellor I'm doing better at work and with my family. People notice a change in me for the better."

John, Employee

Doing nothing is not the answer. In fact, more serious problems like depression or anxiety may develop. And alcohol or drug problems can ruin your life and relationships.

Don’t wait to get the help you need to make a difference to your life.

Take the courageous step to call for help.

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