"Wellness" begins with the understanding that work connects us to others, gives meaning to our lives and helps us sustain our families and communities.

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Employee Assistance Programs

An overview

An Employee Assistance Program – EAP – is a confidential, professional counselling service designed to assist employees and members of their immediate families.

Use this service freely, to discuss any personal issue. You can talk about issues that affect your health, your family, your general well-being or your ability to be productive and focus at work.

You can come to your EAP counsellor as many times as you want, for as long as you need to.


Be reassured that under no circumstances will your EAP counsellor discuss your situation with anyone at your workplace, without your written consent. Your counsellor’s job is to work with you and/or your family to help you overcome personal or professional obstacles.

Our Wide Range of Services

You may be surprised by the number of ways an EAP can help.

What Does it Cost?

Your company pays for the services provided by the EAP. There is no cost to employees.

How to Access the EAP Service

If you as an employee or one of your immediate family members wish to use the EAP, just contact the EAP counsellor directly by phone to book an appointment. In many companies, our counsellor is on site at your workplace for a few hours each week for your convenience. You can make an appointment with a counsellor at one of our offices as well.

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