Emotionally Intelligent leadership is an important determinant of success in business: higher productivity, better customer satisfaction, retention of employees, lower rates of accidents, absenteeism and grievances and improved team functioning.

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How Our Clients View EAP Success

Source Line was asked to provide onsite Work Life Wellness/EAP services for a multinational organization going through some major disruptive organizational changes. There was some concern that the staff would be reluctant to use the service onsite. Industry standards for face-to-face services range from between 4% to 8%. In our first year of providing the programme, our utilization rate was 20%. Why?

We established easy access and a positive attitude to meet employee concerns. Manager and supervisor consultations onsite also rose over the year of service. The service was embraced by employees and managers alike. The stigma of seeking assistance was reduced and getting help was seen as the right thing to do.

Source Line was asked to provide “Respectful Workplace” training to a midsized manufacturing organization. As a result of this training some disrespectful behaviour came to light and was dealt with by all involved. The training also changed employee expectations of the type of workplace they wanted. It moved to a more self-policing culture.

A large science and manufacturing organization Source Line has worked with for a number of years has seen a significant decline in short term disability claims as well as a decline in the type of prescription drugs used by their employees – declines in antidepressants and other drugs related to stress. These changes were made possible by Source Line’s access to our in-house psychiatry leading to early identification and treatment. Antidepressant use fell from first or second ranking down to seventh or eighth with the corresponding financial and employee health savings.

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