Investment in prevention and positive proactive mental health services for employees yields the largest ROI for organizations.

Re-Sources Organizational Support Newsletter

Our Mission

Today’s successful business depends on the collective creativity and coordinated efforts of emotionally intelligent work teams.

At Source Line we believe in the power of the group to achieve great things for its company. But we also understand that a group is only successful if each member is fully engaged.

The “Wellness” Model

We believe in a “wellness” model of individual and organizational functioning. It’s more than assisting individuals with personal problems that may prevent them from fully contributing to the group. For us, wellness begins with the understanding that work connects us to others. It gives meaning to our lives and helps sustain our families and communities.

Working together for better results.

At Source Line we strive to develop trusting relationships with employees and their organizations. Our goal is to provide the best possible counselling, educational and consultation services to all levels of an organization. Our commitment is to work with employees and their companies to find and develop workable solutions, and to identify proactive initiatives that can benefit all.

“We have learned that "bigger" is not always "better" and that the personal touch of a smaller group of counsellors for our employees is more effective. We have also learned that employee education on Mental Health and Social issues is extremely important in order to be pro-active and prevent problems from developing rather than waiting for them to become a crisis.”

Nancy Leathong, Reg.N.,C.O.H.N.(C) Manager, Health Services, Apotex Inc.