Investment in prevention and positive proactive mental health services for employees yields the largest ROI for organizations.

Re-Sources Organizational Support Newsletter


Employee Testomonials

"I never liked the idea of going to tell someone personal things about myself. I thought it meant I was weak or worse, crazy. I also didn't trust what they would think about me. Now I understand that it's helpful for me to talk to someone who won't judge me and who can help me learn some things about myself and other people. Since meeting with my Source Line counsellor I'm doing better at work and with my family. People notice a change in me for the better."

- John, Employee

"I've seen counsellors at other times in my life and finally I found someone who could really give me the tools I need to understand how to cope with situations that have been difficult for me and really make the changes that will help me."

- Sheryl, Employee

"Seeing a counsellor at Source Line has made me really discover a different life. If it wasn't for my wife almost demanding I speak with a counsellor I never would have gone. Now I know things about myself I never imagined before. I like living more. I'm a different person. It's incredible."

- Alex, Manager

“At that time we came to our counsellor, we both thought the marriage was over but wanted to give it a last discussion. So we agreed to 6 sessions but stayed for much longer as we discovered marriage counselling was about learning how to love each other again not just fixing a problem.”

- Judy, Manager

"I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) many years ago and have been experiencing recurring episodes of panic attacks, anxiety and night mares which, over years, evolved into a general depression.   When I first saw my counsellor, I was suffering from another spell of depression and anxiety that made me feel miserable, hopeless, inadequate, angry and sceptical just about anything in life. From the get-go, my counsellor had a no-nonsense approach to my problem and helped me deal with the cause of my issues rather than the consequences.

He introduced me to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, systematic and goal-oriented healing procedure. Over the course of several months, he taught me how to recognize symptoms and triggers of my depression and more importantly, how to defend myself from them by applying different techniques such as relaxation cues, meditation and breaking negative thinking patterns among many others.

Thanks to my counsellor, I am now recovered and enjoying my life again. The best of all, I am feeling confident that, if I ever slip to depression again, I have all the tools and skills necessary to fight it off."

- Robert, Employee

Corporate and Human Resources Testimonials

"In 1995 as part of designing and instituting a Health Services Program for the employees of Apotex we felt that an EAP Program was a very important part of the Health Promotion part of this service. Apotex was in a very rapid growth period at that time which presented unique stresses.

We have learned that "bigger" is not always "better" and that the personal touch of a smaller group of counsellors for our employees is more effective. We have also learned that employee education on Mental Health and Social issues is extremely important in order to be proactive and prevent problems from developing rather than waiting for them to become a crisis.

The biggest benefit of a more personal and involved EAP program is that the counsellors can have a better understanding of the business, what is happening, both the good and the bad, so that the assistance they provide is both relevant and effective. Another benefit is management support, which is sometimes overlooked by other EAP providers. Managers often struggle with dealing with employees with mental health / personal issues. Source Line provides education for our management on these issues, plus personal support whenever needed.

The provision of support for employees even if it is just to validate feelings and anxiety about workplace changes is extremely valuable. Everyone needs to know sometimes that what they are experiencing is very normal, and that yes, everyone else is feeling the same way.

We have had Source Line as our EAP Provider since 1996 and have expanded their services by having the counsellors on site for a half day a week at each of our sites. They have become very much a part of Apotex culture. The stigma of visiting EAP has been removed entirely in this workplace.

All Source Line counsellors are seasoned professionals, very experienced and realistic in their approach. They understand that to be successful and effective within a company, they must work with the company, by being aware of the needs of and the business climate. The quick access for an employee to see a psychiatrist for diagnostic issues is very valuable as well. This assists with timely treatment and recovery.

Our quest was to also contain or reduce disability claim costs by proactively dealing with employee issues and as a result reducing the number of formal claims and shortening the duration of some of the claims. We felt that a positive ROI on our EAP costs could be achieved with a best in class on site provider and to date we have made the right decision."

- Nancy Leathong, Reg.N.,C.O.H.N.(C) Manager, Health Services, Apotex Inc.

"The program is endorsed, supported and utilized by all levels of the organization. Source Line provides high quality proactive wellness service... It is interesting to note that during a period of increased short and long term disability [our] costs have actually stabilized and have been reduced in some areas of the business. We believe this is directly attributable to Source Line intervention services."

- Ron Davidson, Vice President of Human Resources, Apotex Inc

"The employees seek Source Line's assistance with complete comfort, and the company has been helped positively when difficult situations have arisen. As our business needs have changed, Source Line has always been able to adjust their service level appropriately."

- Ron Davidson, Vice President, Human Resources, Apotex Inc

"Their organization is well staffed with a diverse group of seasoned professionals who share a common goal of providing service excellence. In addition to assisting our personnel with a wide variety of personal issues, they have established a strong relationship with the management team and have assisted them on numerous occasions."

- Human Resource Manager

"Source Line recognizes confidentiality is of the utmost importance when dealing with our members, personal issues. This has led to a large percentage of our members utilizing the services of Source Line. In addition, the quality and flexibility in the service provided, has resulted in many of our members dealing with issues when help is needed, before issues have a negative effect on their employment and/or their personal lives."

- Steve Rodriguez, Union President Teamsters

"Based on the success of our initial program from both the company and union perspective we expanded our connection with Source Line so that today they provide services to our five main companies across Canada... The onsite component at our manufacturing facilities has led to more preventative interventions with staff and has given a high profile to the service. Our utilization rates are higher but we have come to understand this to mean preventative work is being done."

- Vice President, Human Resources, Unilever Canada