"Wellness" begins with the understanding that work connects us to others, gives meaning to our lives and helps us sustain our families and communities.

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Counselling for Work-Related Issues

Your workplace is constantly changing

From new managers to new products and technology, keeping up with all the change at any workplace can be overwhelming and frightening.

According to surveys the number one source of stress in the workplace? Interpersonal conflict. Or put another way, getting along with co-workers.

When stress is extreme, it can turn your workplace into a place where disrespectful attitudes and behaviours thrive. It can even lead to workplace discrimination and harassment.

Trying to balance your work and personal life is difficult. But there is help.

"I've seen counsellors at other times in my life and finally I found someone who could really give me the tools I need to understand how to cope with situations that have been difficult for me and really make the changes that will help me."

Sheryl,  Employee

Talk to your Source Line Counsellor about:

• How to resolve manager/employee conflicts
• Dealing with a new manager
• Coping with workplace behaviour that is disrespectful
• Deciding whether you need to change jobs or seek a new one
• Time management
• Giving and getting feedback
• Managing stress

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