Investment in prevention and positive proactive mental health services for employees yields the largest ROI for organizations.

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Award Winning EAP/Mental Health Service

Source Line is EASNA’s 2012 Canadian Award Winning EAP/Mental Health Service

Source Line with our corporate partner Apotex Inc. won the Canadian 2012 award for excellence from EASNA the Employee Assistance Society of North America!

One of the independent consultant judges mentioned two major factors which influenced their decision.

Firstly, the consultant noted the high degree of organizational integration & acceptance of the Source Line full service EAP/mental health program by all levels of the customer organization from senior management on down to the line employees. This service it was noted was well integrated into the total employee wellness initiative.

Secondly, it was mentioned that employees with the benefit of the “onsite service” component were allowed amazing access to their mental health program. Onsite led to the construction of a dedicated counsellor consultant team which did all the counselling, consultations & contract management from intake to completion of service. This in turn led to high utilization rates, increasing manager/supervisor consultations as well as early proactive & preventative clinical interventions for employees.

Anyone or organization with questions (what does full service mean? Why, how & when have an onsite service?) or wishing further information about our award winning service should contact:

Ron Sparrow, MSW, RSW
Principal, Source Line Inc.
Direct # 416-923-0868 ext.227 / Cell 416-738-7392