Emotionally Intelligent leadership is an important determinant of success in business: higher productivity, better customer satisfaction, retention of employees, lower rates of accidents, absenteeism and grievances and improved team functioning.

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Mindfulness in the Workplace

The Financial Times, July 30, 2009 “it helps clarity of vision” and “in the workplace it gives our employees the time and headspace to unwind in the midst of their busy days.  If people feel refreshed, and can take part in something like this with a group of like-minded people, then who knows what innovation this might lead to?” Google Company Spokesperson.

Many workplace settings today are endorsing the training of Mindfulness-based practices for their employees.  Research shows that increases in mindfulness are associated with increased creativity, decreased burnouts and fewer on-the-job accidents.  Some of the health benefits include lower blood pressure, a reduction of insomnia and improved memory.  Mindfulness Meditation not only reduces the harmful effects of stress but can increase your energy, productivity and enjoyment of everyday life.

Evidence-based studies from the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard University, the American Institute of Health and the University of Massachusetts are beginning to influence the business world to the benefits of incorporating mindfulness practices into the workplace.  Companies such as Google, Apple Computers, Astra Zeneca, Toyota and Price Water House Coopers currently offer their employees meditation training.  

Benefits of mindfulness meditation for businesses:

We can provide regularly scheduled ‘Mindfulness in the Workplace’ sessions for your Organization.  Employees will be provided with education about Mindfulness strategies for stress reduction and on-site guidance to practice newly learned skills.