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How to Judge Websites

There are many websites with helpful information on issues and challenges that you might be facing. But knowing which sites are more helpful than others can save you valuable times.

Here are Source Line’s three guidelines for judging websites:

  1. Does the author of the article have a professional degree (M.D., Ph.D., MSW)? Are they affiliated with a major school or institution?
  2. Look for possible bias in the article. For example, information about medications from the National Institute of Mental Health or Health Canada is probably less biased than from a pharmaceutical company.
  3. Check for when the information was initially published.

Source Line’s Recommended Web Sites – This site is published by the American Psychological Association and has information helpful to understanding various psychological issues. – This site provides information about specific disorders and includes self-help stories. – Written in plain English this site explains what each medication is used for, how it works, common side effects and interactions, etc. – This is the site of the National Institute of Health and is a rich source of consumer information.