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Russell Carpentier

Photo - Russell CarpentierMSW, RSW, Consultant

Russell joined Source Line in 1997. He received his master's degree in social work in 1982 and he has worked with individuals, couples and families with children and adolescents for over 35 years in the areas of child welfare, children's mental health and private practice.

In his work with Source Line, Russell has coordinated and provided clinical and organizational consultation and wellness services to several corporate clients and their employees. He has helped to develop and deliver educational materials and training sessions on many subjects including: Managing Stress, Dealing with Difficult People and Individual and Organizational Strategies for Managing Shiftwork.

Russell’s counselling practice reflects his interest in the use of a broad range of evidence-based strategies to assist individuals who are coping with difficult, painful, and confusing times in their lives.  Russell believes that respect, acceptance, patience and persistent effort are essential to achieve useful change in our lives.

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