Emotionally Intelligent leadership is an important determinant of success in business: higher productivity, better customer satisfaction, retention of employees, lower rates of accidents, absenteeism and grievances and improved team functioning.

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Shift-Work: Tools for Survival

We have become a "world that never sleeps". Currently more than 20% of North American workers are employed outside of the 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. schedule as more and more companies move to 24-hour production.

Shift-work exacts a toll on both the individual worker and the business wreaking havoc with a worker's physical and psychological well-being. Unsuccessfully managed, it can be the source of higher accident rates, increased absenteeism and lowered production.

Successful management of around-the-clock production is a complex process. It requires a shared employee and company commitment, to work cooperatively and achieve a healthy approach to shift-work.

This presentation surveys the special health and safety issues created by shift-work and outlines alternatives for individuals and companies to follow.

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