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Eldercare: Greying in the Workplace and at Home

Aging belongs to us all. As a society we are growing older and life expectancy in Canada is increasing. Elder care is replacing childcare as a paramount concern for workplaces. Today, 46% of employees have some level of eldercare responsibilities affecting their job. They are often at the height of their careers and have to juggle conflicting work and family demands.

All of this is occurring with a healthcare system that has unloaded many responsibilities onto the public. Almost 40% of all informal primary caregivers are employed. One 1999 Canadian report noted that many caregivers typically end up spending an average of 40 hours a week looking after their loved ones. The end result is often stressed out employees with lower productivity, increased absenteeism, lower retention and almost 3 times the prevalence rate for depression.

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Aging and Society

Aging and the Workplace

Aging and You

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