"Wellness" begins with the understanding that work connects us to others, gives meaning to our lives and helps us sustain our families and communities.

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Employee Counselling Services

Feeling overwhelmed?

Unable to balance your work and personal life?

Our Work Life Wellness Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help you with personal, couple and family problems. We can also help you cope with work related stress and conflict.

In Your Personal Life, Do You:

Learn more about how personal counselling can help with any of the above problems.

In Your Marriage or Relationship, Do You Find Yourself:

Learn more about how relationship therapy or couples counselling can help.

As a Parent, Perhaps Your Teenager is:

Learn more about how family counselling/therapy can help you and your teen.

As a Parent, Perhaps Your Young Child is:

Learn more about family counselling/therapy can help you parent your young child.

At Work, Do You:

Learn more about how counselling/therapy can help with work related issues.

Counselling/therapy can help with the stress and struggle caused by issues in your personal or work life.

The Truth is that Most Problems are Compounded by Neglect and Avoidance.

"Seeing a counsellor at Source Line has made me really discover a different life. If it wasn't for my wife almost demanding I speak with a counsellor I never would have gone. Now I know things about myself I never imagined before. I like living more. I'm a different person. It's incredible."


Many people wait a long time before coming for counselling. They feel they should just suck it up. Meanwhile the problems usually get worse.

"I never liked the idea of going to tell someone personal things about myself. I thought it meant I was weak or worse, crazy. I also didn't trust what they would think about me. Now I understand that it's helpful for me to talk to someone who won't judge me and who can help me learn some things about myself and other people. Since meeting with my Source Line counsellor I'm doing better at work and with my family. People notice a change in me for the better."


Don't wait for things to get worse.

Know the signs that you are having trouble coping.

Be courageous enough to seek counselling.

All relationships change and evolve over time. As each of us ages and matures our relationship needs to grow along with us. Sometimes that growth is smooth and sometimes there are some bumps along the way.

Conflict is a normal part of all personal and work relationships. Resolving conflict respectfully can help a relationship grow stronger. Disrespectful conflict and avoiding issues can lead to feeling angry, resentful and eventually will erode relationships.

"I've seen counsellors at other times in my life and finally I found someone who could really give me the tools I need to understand how to cope with situations that have been difficult for me and really make the changes that will help me."


The Highly Experienced and Caring Counsellors, at Source Line's Work Life Wellness EAP Can Help You Find the Pleasure in Your Life that Has Been Missing.

The Benefits of Counselling

"I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) many years ago and have been experiencing recurring episodes of panic attacks, anxiety and night mares which, over years, evolved into a general depression.

When I first saw my counsellor, I was suffering from another spell of depression and anxiety that made me feel miserable, hopeless, inadequate, angry and sceptical just about anything in life. From the get-go, my counsellor had a no-nonsense approach to my problem and helped me deal with the cause of my issues rather than the consequences.

He introduced me to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, systematic and goal-oriented healing procedure. Over the course of several months, he taught me how to recognize symptoms and triggers of my depression and more importantly, how to defend myself from them by applying different techniques such as relaxation cues, meditation and breaking negative thinking patterns among many others.

Thanks to my Source Line counsellor, I am now recovered and enjoying my life again. The best of all, I am feeling confident that, if I ever slip to depression again, I have all the tools and skills necessary to fight it off.

Thanks for your guidance, counselling and friendship"


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